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Aniseed Essential Oil
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Aniseed Essential Oil

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Aniseed Essential Oil
Illicium verum 


Aniseed was revered by ancient civilisations and used by the Egyptians in the making of bread, liqueurs and aperitifs.

Source: Illicium verum is grown commercially in China.

Extraction: Aniseed essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the seed of the star anise plant.

Aroma: Aniseed essential oil has a strong licorice-like bouquet, sweet, herbaceous and stimulating scent.

Fragrance note: Middle.

Properties: Aniseed essential oil has been traditionally used to sooth dry and irritating coughs. It may also support smooth digestion.

Aniseed essential oil aids in faster healing of wounds, relieves cramps, cough, aches, and diarrhoea, treats rheumatic and arthritis pain, and provides relief from anxiety.

Uses: Massage, bath, inhalation and compress. Dilute with carrier oil, massage Aniseed oil into chest and back or use by way of steam inhalation.

Blends well with: Cardamom, Caraway, Cedarwood, Coriander, Dill Fennel and Rosewood.

Caution: Always dilute Aniseed essential oil appropriately.

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