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Free UK shipping on orders over £50 with code "Ship"
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Soothing your aches and pains with essential oils

Essential Oil info Guides Pain Relief Relaxing

Diffusing essential oils can help to relax your mind, but did you know applying certain oils can also help to relax your muscles and ease pain too?
We’ve given an overview of our favourite essential oils that will help you relax a stiff neck, or calm arthritic joint pain.

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Choosing the right essential oil for your face

If you’re thinking about using essential oils in your skincare routine, it can be difficult to know which ones to pick.To make things easier, we’ve listed our favourite four below and discussed what makes them skin saviours!

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How to blend the perfect diffuser scents

Blending Essential Oil info Guides

There are three really effective ways to group your essential oils - by effect, by scent, and by note. If you’re looking for a way to blend the dreamiest diffuser combinations, try some of the methods in this post.

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Welcome to our new website

We at Abbey Essentials are very excited to announce the launch of our new website!
We are always looking to improve our customer experience and updating our website is part of that process.

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