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Top 10 long lasting essential oils

Sometimes, you want to spend hours crafting the perfect blend of essential oils - complete with base, middle, and top note fragrances - that make your living room smell like a fancy spa. Other times, you just really need to get the damp dog odour out of your lounge before guests arrive. 

In which case, you need a strong essential oil. 

One that smells beautiful on it’s own, and won’t fizzle out after 30 minutes. Long lasting, but not overpowering.  An essential oil you can use two or three drops of, and still smell after a day of intermittent diffusing. 

Look no further than these 10 long lasting essential oils. Not only do they cut through stale household fragrances, these oils provide long lasting fragrance when used in soapmaking, candlemaking, and other DIY domestic creations.

Because you only need a few drops for intense fragrance, they’re more sustainable and cost effective. Unlike synthetic fragrances, you’ll get all the aromatherapy benefits too. Really, what’s not to love? All you need to do is pick your favourite from the following top 10 long lasting essential oils:


Pogostemon cablin

There’s a reason patchouli is a cult fragrance. Musky and aromatic, this fragrance is reminiscent of ancient worlds and kings and queens of the past. The oil is enticing enough on its own, but coupled with jasmine and neroli it delivers a complex perfume so intoxicating, you’d struggle to find a high-end perfume that rivals it. 


evernia prunastri

Earthy, woody, and green. If a forest walk is your idea of the perfect Sunday afternoon, then this oil is made for you. Oakmoss has a heavy scent (so, not for the fainthearted), but the aromatherapy benefits are impressive - oakmoss can instantly make you feel more grounded. After a chaotic day with little room to think, this oil stimulates feelings of peace and steadiness. 


Santalum album 

This oil feels like a warming, comforting hug. Sandalwood (as the name would suggest), is woody and grounding. It works as an excellent base note for floral or spicy oil blends, but delivers a captivating smoky aroma when used on its own. There’s a reason so many candles contain this ingredient, but skip the extra purchase and use the real thing instead. 


Boswellia sacra

Smooth like honey, spicy like cinnamon, with an earthy smoky base. Frankincense is referred to as the ‘King of oils’, and for good reason. Because it combines so many different tones, frankincense oil feels like a base, middle, and top note all of itself. The oil has been shown to relieve feelings of anxiety and increase relaxation. 

Lemon Eucalyptus 

Corymbia citriodora

If you want a clean smell without having to put in hours of dusting and polishing, lemon eucalyptus oil will have your whole house smelling fresh and new. This oil as an excellent decongestant, and an uplifting fragrance. We’d recommend diffusing this one first thing in the morning to put some pep in your step. 

Ylang ylang 

Cananga odorata

Rich like patchouli, delicately floral like jasmin. We’re yet to meet anyone who doesn’t find ylang ylang completely intoxicating. With certain essential oils, you’d have to mix two or three different notes to achieve the layered complexity of ylang ylang. Because it has a heavy, green base, it lasts a really long time in the diffuser. The aromatherapy benefits are mood soothing, yet uplifting. 


Jasminum officinale

A powdery, floral fragrance with notes of violet. If you want to maintain a bright, uplifted atmosphere that still feels relaxing, diffuse jasmin in the areas of your home where you like to put your feet up. Mixed with a carrier oil, jasmin makes a delightful day time perfume. Apply to your wrists and inner elbows for maximum longevity. 


Zingiber officinale

If a wake up call was an oil, it would be ginger. Because this oil is so potent, it’s best to go easy on the number of drops used in your diffuser. But the benefit of this hot and spicy scent is that you only need to use a small amount topically or in the home for long lasting results. The energising and invigorating aromatherapy benefits of ginger essential oil are not to be underestimated. 


Citrus Aurantium

A combination of sweet orange notes and green leaves, neroli is your ultimate mediterranean summer scent. For those who are put off by overly sweet fragrances, neroli is beautifully balanced with earthy undertones. Much like ylang ylang (which neroli blends with incredibly well), this oil can fill a room and bathe your space in a sophisticated perfume. And it’s just tangy enough to make you feel alert and ready to take on the day. 


Commiphora myrrha

Woody, cleansing, and slightly medicinal. Myrrh smells a little like a smokey, aged liquor. Cool, but with an aniseed bite to it. While you may not choose to diffuse it, applying myrrh oil to minor skin conditions can help aid the healing process. Because it’s potent, you won’t need to keep reapplying it, either. Which means your little 10ml bottle will last a lot longer than you’d think. 

As with all of these essential oils, in order to achieve topical aromatherapy benefits, you must dilute to at least 5% concentration with a carrier oil. Click here to shop our full collection. 

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    Good to know the oils for perfume. I would like to to be making home made long lasting perfume, so where can I get the accessories

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