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Melissa (Blend)
Melissa (Blend)
Melissa (Blend)
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Melissa (Blend)

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Melissa Blended Essential Oils

Source: UK

Extraction: All oils are steam distilled.

Composition: Melissa Blend is made up of fractions taken from other oils including Lemongrass and Citronella to give a close approximation to the composition of the whole oil.

Aroma: The oil has a sharp, floral, lemon flavour and aroma.

Properties: Soothing but uplifting effect on mind and body. A comforting oil during the cold season. In aromatherapy, it is used with massage or vaporization to relieve feelings of depression and stress. When used in massage it may help to relieve symptoms of PMT.

Good for bee and wasp stings.

Caution: Melissa Blend may cause skin irritation and should be diluted to 5% or less for massaging. Use only 3 drops in a bath.

Material safety Data Sheet

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