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Carnation Absolute 5% in Grapeseed 10ml
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Carnation Absolute 5% in Grapeseed 10ml

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Carnation Absolute 5% in Grapeseed Oil Dianthus Caryophyllus in 5% Vitis Vinifera.

Dianthus is derived from Greek, meaning di, Zeus and anthos, flower, “the flower of Zeus,” indicating its importance in the religious context of Ancient Greece. In Italy, Bologna in particular, the plant has been associated with Saint Peter and celebrated widely, with a special day at the end of June dedicated to the carnation.

Interesting to note is that carnations signified devotion and loyalty in a variety of traditions, from European to Asian.

Source: Dianthus caryophyllus is grown in France.

Extraction: Carnation Absolute Oil is solvent extracted with petroleum ether from the flowers.

Aroma: Carnation Absolute Oil has a rich, warm, floral scent and is used in perfumery.

Fragrance note: Middle.

Properties: Carnation Absolute Oil is stimulating, uplifting and considered an aphrodisiac. The aroma is beneficial to lifting negativity.

Grapeseed Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. It absorbs very quickly into the skin and is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues because it possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities which allow better re-hydration of the skin.

Uses: Carnation Absolute dilution is perfect for use in soaps, potpourri, room fresheners and can be used as a natural perfume. Due to its dilution it may be used in massage.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin and sensitive areas. Do not swallow.

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