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Calendula Infused Oil 100ml
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Calendula Infused Oil 100ml

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Calendula Infused Oil (100ml) Calendula Officinalis

Source: France

Extraction: Calendula Oil is obtained from the flowers infused in Sweet Almond Oil (prunis dulcis) in the ratio of herb:oil 1:5

Properties: Calendula oil is antiseptic,anti-fungal and Soothing to the skin.

Uses: Calendula Oil soothes cracked nipples when breast feeding, can be useful for cradle cap and good for rough, dry and scaly skin.

One study involved 204 patients with osteoarthritis (OA) in the fingers and compared three weeks treatment with Arnica gel against a 5% topical ibuprofen gel. Far more patients reported satisfaction with the Arnica treatment. Arnica can cause an allergic response known as contact dermatitis in sensitive people, so apply it to a small patch of skin first and wait a day or so to see if you develop a rash or reaction. - See more at:

Caution: Do not swallow. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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