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Oil Information

Essential Oils

Our pure essential oils are extracted from (but not limited to) the leaves, roots and barks of plants by steam distillation or by cold pressing. 

Absolute Oils

Unlike essential oils absolute oils are extracted from plants via solvent extraction, or by enfleurage.


These scents are extremely rich, complex, and long lasting. They are produced with sophisticated scientific techniques including, critical fluid extraction, and rotary vapour extraction. 

Please be aware that these products are chemical synthetics of natural products. Therefore they have no therapeutic value - they just smell nice. Remember to dilute to at least 5% before use on the body.

Carrier Oils

Derived from the seeds, kernels or nuts of plants these oils are named after their ability to "carry" essential oils. As the application of essential oils directly to the skin can cause irritation, they are frequently diluted into a carrier oils and the applied to the skin. Carrier oils are also moisturising in their own right.

The term carrier oil is mainly used with regards to aromatherapy, outside of aromatherapy they are referred to as vegetable oils, or base oils.

Floral Waters

All our floral waters are either Hydrosols or Hydrolates which for all intents and purposes are the same thing, differing only in the method of creation.

Hydrosols are purposely prepared by dissolving the water soluble components of essential oils in, well, water. As a result the product has similar but more subtle properties and scents than its essential oil counterpart.

Hydrolates are the natural by product of the essential oil extraction process. When plants are steam distilled the oil is collected and separated from the floral water, this floral water is the hydrolate.

Quality Assurance

Each batch of product is analysed and tested to ensure compliance with strict standards as part of our quality assurance program. Each bottle of oil we sell can be traced back to a production and bottling index.

Our oils and fragrances are tested with the latest technical equipment including mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.