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Soothing your aches and pains with essential oils

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Diffusing essential oils can help to relax your mind, but did you know applying certain oils can also help to relax your muscles and ease pain too? With their natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, essential oils can be a natural remedy for aching joints and strained muscles. Below we’ve given an overview of our favourite essential oils that will help you relax a stiff neck, or calm arthritic joint pain.


Many over-the-counter chest rubs and ointments for joint pain contain eucalyptus. The cooling sensation of this oil can relieve symptoms of arthritis, and reduce stiffness. For post-workout sore muscles, eucalyptus can help improve circulation and increase blood flow, while the analgesic properties offer active pain relief. Eucalyptus oil is potent, so be sure to combine with your prefered carrier oil. If it’s muscle tension you’re looking to treat, eucalyptus works really well in a hot bath, where the heat can relax the muscles and the tingling sensation of the oil can alleviate pain.


If you’re looking for a multipurpose oil for muscle and joint pain, juniper could be the perfect fit. With anti-rheumatic, and analgesic properties, juniper oil encourages movement and relieves pain, whether it’s arthritic symptoms or a sports injury. But juniper oil is one of the more concentrated essential oils, and should always be diluted either in the bath or with a carrier oil before coming into contact with skin. This oil should also be avoided by women during pregnancy.


Rosemary is antioxidant rich, and great for detoxifying. Alongside this, it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, so you can say goodbye to that annoying twinge in your back! In addition to this, some people find rosemary can help with circulation which helps to prevent aches and pains further down the line. To get the most out of this powerful herb, combine with a carrier oil for a massage oil treatment perfect for aching joints and muscles. But just like juniper, avoid using rosemary medicinally during pregnancy.


Just like a mug of chamomile tea can soothe the day’s stresses, chamomile oil can help to ease muscle tension and even spasms. Inflamed joints can also benefit from this oil, try adding a few drops to your bath and let the chamomile alleviate those aches. Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory, which makes it a powerful alternative to synthetic anti-inflammatory gels and creams. When choosing between German chamomile and Roman chamomile, bare in mind  - of the two oils, German chamomile has stronger anti-inflammatory properties, whereas Roman chamomile is better for use as a calming treatment.  

Feeling confident about tackling your aches and pains the natural way? All the essential oils we’ve mentioned above can be found on our website, including a great range of carrier oils to dilute them with.

Roman Chamomile
German Chamomile

And if these methods work for you, we’d love to hear about it. Send your pictures and comments to us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to see our little amber bottles!

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