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Planet and purse-friendly tips for using essential oils

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There’s certain things essential oils can’t do. They can’t drive you to work, pay your bills, or clean the house for you. But they do smell really really good, and have some wonderful therapeutic powers. Anything that involves scent - air fresheners, perfume, bathing products, you can probably find an essential oil alternative for. Check out our favourite ideas below. 

Trade-in your pricey perfumes for essential oil combos

Okay, so we’re not saying you have to give up your favourite perfume. But did you know, most perfumes are comprised of essential oils? Jasmine, frangipani, and patchouli all play their part in some of the most expensive brands. Save yourself a few pennies, and all of the unnecessary packaging that comes with those little perfume bottles, by wearing a combination of your favourite oils. You can do this by blending a mix of oils with your favourite carrier oil and applying to your wrists. 

Replace your bubble bath addiction

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bubble bath bottles! Add scent to your bath water - and your skin -  with a few drops of essential oils. You’ll also be sidetracking SLS and other nasty detergents commonly used in bathing products, that strip skin of its natural oils. The best bit is, you won’t need more than 10 drops for your bath, and you’ll be able to smell the natural fragrance on your skin all day. 

Freshen and humidify the air more naturally 

We’re totally biased, but you should definitely get a diffuser. It only takes a few drops of essential oils to fully fragrance a room, and you won’t have to rely on air fresheners and scented sprays that contain a worrying number of nasty particles. You’re never restricted to specific scents either - the combinations are as diverse as your essential oils collection.   

Get rid of your blocked nose 

If you’ve used peppermint oil before, you’ll understand how potent the fragrance is. Simply inhaling this oil from the glass bottle helps to clear blocked sinuses. But you can take this a step further, by adding a few drops to a bowl full of steaming water. Pop a tea towel over your head to cover the bowl too, and inhale the scented steam. Peppermint oil is also an anti-inflammatory, so it soothes sensitives sinuses and will help you breathe a little easier. 

Rely on trusted sources (us, obviously!)

Sometimes essential oils go out of stock, because the changing climate has impacted harvests. This means that every so often, we can’t stock the oils you love. But we’re always here to answer any questions if you’re not sure why an oil isn’t stocked. Some suppliers use unsustainable harvesting methods that damage the crops and the livelihoods of those producing them. We always source our oils responsibly, so you can be confident when you purchase from us.

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