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How to bring the romance this Valentine’s day

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How to bring the romance this Valentine’s day

Creating a romantic atmosphere is all about stimulating the senses. Scent plays a significant part in spreading romance, and essential oils have a long history in sensuality and aphrodisiac uses. This is why so many of your favourite designer perfumes contain essential oils such as rose and jasmine.

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, you might be thinking of ways to make the occasion extra special. This month’s blog has four heartfelt ideas to make your significant other swoon - and it won’t cost the earth, either.

An infused oil massage

What could be more indulgent than offering your partner a massage? Creating your own luxuriously scented massage oil to use for it, of course. Massage oils are one of the easiest products to make at home because they only require a few ingredients.

Take your preferred carrier oil (you can read more about carrier oils here), and blend in their favourite essential oils. If you’re looking for inspiration, try jojoba oil with jasmine and ylang-ylang for an earthy, sensual combination that will stimulate the senses.

Aromatherapy bath

Coming home to a hot bath running, scented with your favourite oils would be an unexpected pleasure. Give your partner the gift of relaxation this Valentine’s day, and run a bath filled with their desired essential oils.

The bath is an excellent place to soak up essential oil goodness. The hot steam carries those powerful scents around the room, and the hot water allows the oil to penetrate the skin.

How to bring the romance this Valentine’s day - fragranced bed linen

Fragranced bed linen

This next tip is a little more subtle, but the thoughtful act definitely won’t go unnoticed. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; the place to relax after a long day, and a comfortable and inviting bed to sleep in.

Add a few drops of essential oils to bed linen, and make the bedroom even more inviting. You can pick the oils based on the desired effect - if you want something a little more sensual, try jasmine or patchouli, or to encourage tranquility and deep sleep, use lavender or chamomile instead.

An inspired gift  

Last but not least, why not give your beau one of our Valentine’s day gift sets? Five handcrafted blends, covering five romantic moods - uplifting, stimulating, sensual, relaxing, and comforting. These bespoke combinations are only available as part of our Valentine’s set, so they’re worth snapping up now!

Each scent has been tested to ensure they work harmoniously in diffusers, the bath tub, or in our cosmetic base products.

Ready to make your partner swoon this Valentine’s day? If you’re testing our tips out on the 14th, we’d love to hear about it! Send us your pictures and thoughts on Facebook or Instagram, or let us know via email.

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