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Essential Oil Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas by Abbey Essentials

Every year we wonder what could be the best gift for Mother’s Day that we could surprise our Mums with. Yes, flowers and chocolate are always a popular choice, but sometimes we want to gift something a little different and longer lasting. She’s your rock and your best friend – so only the best Mother’s Day gifts will do.

If you are an already ‘seasoned’ essential oil user, you might consider gifting some essential oils for your Mum on Mother’s Day. However, if your Mum has never used them before, she might be unsure what to do with them and that could be such a waste! 

So here are some ideas that could help you introduce your Mum to the world of essential oils and fragrances. 

Ready to use organic skin care 

For the lovers of an excellent, good quality and toxin free skincare, 'My Favourite’  skincare range could be an easy choice. Abbey Essential’s targeted range of creamy cleansers and hydrating serums is designed to protect the natural skin barrier, and illuminate all complexions.

You can chose from face serum, eye cream and face masque, to body scrub and cream. 

Make a DIY body cream or lotion 

For those of you who would love to create something truly unique and personalised to your Mum, the DIY option could be a terrific choice. 

Make your mum DIY Shampoo, Conditioner or Body lotion in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose one of the base product ( for example Shampoo and Conditioner)
  2. Select your Mum’s favourite scent from the Fragrance or Essential oil selection 
  3. Mix them up ( remember that you must dilute essential oils and/or fragrances and do not apply those directly on the skin!). 
  4. Wrap your gift and et voila! A perfect gift for your Mum ( or any other motherly figure in your life!). 
DIY Skincare by Abbey Essentials

Gift a bottle of Floral Water 

There are lots of various floral waters and they all have their own use, but our favourite is the rosewater. Rose Hydrolat may be used as a skin toner, hair toner, skincare ingredient or even as a fragrant linen / room spray.

Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Gift Sets 

This has been an increasingly popular gift option here at Abbey Essentials. Pre-made and beautifully packages essential oil and  gift sets can be an excellent option for those last-minute Mother’s Day gifts as well as part of larger present. 

So here goes our most popular Gift Sets:

  1. The Spring  Floral Bouquet Fragrance Set - our newest addition, created specifically for Mother’s Day! It is a bouquet of 5 fragrant spring flower fragrances that you can mix together or enjoy on their own. 
  2. The Citrus Set  -  an uplifting collection of 8 most popular pure citrus essentials in 10ml Bottles in amber glass bottles with dropper caps. 
  3. Old English Garden Gift Set - A set of 5 x 10ml fragrance oils reminiscent of an old-fashioned English garden. Classic floral scents that smell beautiful on their own, and blended, form a sophisticated bouquet fragrance. Read more about this set on our latest blog post. 

 Essential Oil & Fragrance Gift Sets

Should you decide to gift an essential oil or fragrance oil set for this Mother’s Day, you can always pair it with some other items ( especially if your mum is new to the world of essential oils!). 

You could add an essential oil burner, radiator vaporiser ( we find it is particularly useful during the winter months when the heating is on) or pop it on the Aromastream Diffuser. Blowing air through an absorbent pad holding your essential oils, the Aroma-stream removes the need for heat, instead vaporising your oils without changing their character.

Clean, safe and effective, the Aroma-stream can be left on whilst you sleep, unlike some other conventional water-based diffusers. Simply apply your oil to the pad, insert it into the bottom of the Aroma-stream and watch as the fan vaporises the oils and disperses them into your room. 

No matter what you choose to gift your Mum this Mother's Day, the biggest gift of all will always be a simple phone call, or even better - a hug, a smile and spending some quality time with her. Time is the most precious commodity after all, so let's make it count. 


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