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Christmas craft hacks (you’ll actually enjoy making)

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It’s December now, so that means we’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas. But this season calls for hacks - time-saving, money-saving, stress saving tricks to help prevent a snowman-esque meltdown. We’ve compiled some of our favourite ways to treat yourself and your loved ones in a thoughtful, and pretty creative way. 

Simple secret santa gift

If you’re stuck for ideas and strapped for time, an essential oil-infused bracelet is a thoughtful gesture. You can pick up wooden beaded bracelets online super cheaply, all you need to add is a few drops of essential oil. Wooden beads hold scent really well, so it’s a great way to carry a lovely fragrance wherever they go. Plus, it’s super customisable, so if you’re in need of a few stocking fillers, a Christmassy cinnamon and orange-scented bracelet is a lovely festive gesture. 

Custom potpourri

This one makes a fabulous gift - or you can keep it for yourself! Start by picking a variety of dried fruits and flowers, you can go the extra mile by drying them out in the oven yourself. Next, add a few drops of essential oil to the mix. You might find a combination of oils works really well - if you want to keep it festive, try orange, clove, and cinnamon

Sleepy microwaveable slippers

There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold and putting on your pajamas. Unless of course, you have sleepy scented microwavable slippers too. This simple hack should help you through those cold winter nights - after you microwave your slippers, add a few drops of lavender and chamomile oil. Both of these oils are known for their tranquil scent - just make sure you have authentic microwaveable slippers - anything else should not be going in the microwave! 

Pre-Christmas party scrub

The office Christmas party may be the first - and last - time you get all jazzed up this winter. The thought of heading out into the cold can be a little overwhelming, so you might want to lift your spirits with our Christmas body scrub. Our Christmas blend essential oil is the ideal scent for this one, and you can combine a few drops with your favourite carrier oil (sweet almond has a really lovely consistency). Next, decide if you want sugar or salt. It’s really down to preference, but rock salt or Himalayan salt provide a coarser scrub. Caster sugar is finer, and works best for those with sensitive skin. 


Christmas is for doing things together, and spending time with the people you love most - why not try a Christmas craft this year and do something thoughtful for someone you care about. You might even have fun!

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