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10 things you can make with fragrance oils

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We often talk about essential oils on our blog, but this month we thought we’d dig a little deeper into fragrance oils. Though they don’t have the therapeutic value of essential oils, they come in such a fabulous range of scents, and work well with many different DIY projects!

Here are some of our favourite things to make with fragrance oils.

Massage oil

Start with a carrier oil that absorbs into the skin well - such as jojoba or vitamin E. Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil, or a combination of them. This massage oil will be great for the skin, leave you smelling glorious, and penetrate those aching muscles!


Fragrance oils can be combined with a carrier oil and applied directly to the skin as a perfume, or can be used as one of many scents that make up a complex perfume! Many of these oils, such as frangipani and jasmine, are sophisticated enough to wear alone.


Our fragrance oils have wonderful staying power, which means if you add them to your homemade soaps, you’ll smell beautiful all day! Using these oils instead of essential oils can help you produce consistent products - they won’t change their aroma over time.


Fragrance oils work fabulously in candle making. You’ll want to experiment with the ratio of fragrance oil to product - because a very small amount should do the trick. Start with 5-10% fragrance, and let us know your favourite scent combinations!

Shampoo and conditioner

If you don’t make your own shampoo and conditioner, you can try our base formulas and add scent to them! Mix a few drops of fragrance into your base products for an extra-luxurious hair washing experience.

Room spray

For this DIY you’ll need some distilled water and a spray bottle. Add one fragrance or many, and experiment with concentration. Give it a good shake before using, so the ingredients are blended properly.  Bare in mind when spraying, to avoid painted and polished surfaces which could be degraded by the oils.

Linen spray

You can follow the same recipe for a room spray with this. Some oils - particularly those with a colour - may leave residue or marks on fabrics, so be sure to test your linen spray on old fabrics before trying it on your best! Violet gives a delicate, baby powder-like scent if you’re looking for inspiration!

Bath bombs

You’ll only need a few drops of fragrance oil to make homemade bath bombs smell fabulous. This may take a little experimentation to get the right concentration. Fragrance oils are potent, so you’ll want to try out the bath bombs in water to make sure the fragrance isn’t overpowering!

Body scrubs

Making a natural body scrub couldn’t be easier. Combine equal parts granulated sugar with honey or olive oil, and a few drops of your favourite fragrance oils. The sugar will gently rub away dead skin cells, while the honey or olive oil nourishes and softens skin. It’s equally good with or without a fragrance - it’s just your preference!


Even though they don’t have the therapeutic value of essential oils, fragrance oils still smell gorgeous. You can also pick certain scents that wouldn’t be available as essential oils - such as our luxuriously rich dark chocolate fragrance!

Have you ever noticed how the smell of your diffuser blends can change over time? Some scents fade (if they’re top notes) and others last much longer (base notes). Fragrance oils are synthetic compounds - so the scent will be more consistent.

Ready to make something fabulous? Click here to shop our fragrance oil range. We’d love to see what you do with our fragrance oils, be sure to tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

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