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10 oils to power you through the January blues

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The month of January always seems to drag, and sometimes you need a little something extra to get you through the day. Some basic aromatherapy techniques might be all you need to feel refreshed. Certain scents can really lift your spirits, and it’s just a matter of testing as many as you can to find out what works for you.

Below are some of the most effective essential oils for promoting a better mood, and helping you to feel a little more lively this January!


Zesty and bright, lemon oil is the get-up-and-go scent that will help you spring from your bed. Apply this oil to a damp flannel, and place in the shower with you for an uplifting steamy start to the day!

Ylang Ylang

A floral oil that’s calming and soothing, ylang-ylang is a great oil for destressing after a long and tiring day. Clear your mind before bedtime, and diffuse this oil around the house to ensure your best night’s sleep.


If you’re looking for a double dose of revival, patchouli oil is an excellent partner for ylang-ylang. As one of the earthy scents, patchouli is excellent for clearing the mind and enhancing feelings of groundedness.

Tea Tree

Refreshing and bright, if you’re trying to tackle winter congestion tea tree oil is perfect for purifying the air and encouraging deeper, clearer breathing. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil make it an excellent choice for detoxifying over-airconditioned air in the house.


Pair peppermint with tea tree for the ultimate decongestant, air-purifying diffuser blend. This minty fresh oil is perfect for lifting spirits and reenergising in the morning. Add a few drops to your morning shower for clearer breathing and a burst of energy.

Sweet marjoram

The herbal nature of sweet marjoram means it’s one of the more grounding oils, while also producing feelings of tranquility and relaxation. If you’re struggling to sleep at night sweet marjoram can really help to settle your thoughts.


This oil is citric and encourages a positive mindset with bright and fresh fragrance notes. If you’re feeling sluggish in the morning, make sure you diffuse this oil in the house for a boost of energy.


Less sharp than it’s citrus cousin lemon oil, mandarin oil is sweet and calming, helping you to feel renewed and restored. Despite its citric nature, mandarin oil is actually very relaxing, and perfect for your evening diffuser blend.



Musky and floral, the soothing and comforting scent of jasmine can help calm feelings of stress and anxiety. A versatile essential oil, the scent can be an acquired taste, but a very effective therapeutic oil.


Christmas may have been and gone, but cinnamon is a scent that recharges the batteries! The warming scent of cinnamon promotes a positive mood, without being overpowering.   

Ready to embrace the powers of aromatherapy, and boost your January mood? We’d love to hear if our suggestions work for you. Send us your thoughts and pictures on Facebook and Instagram (we LOVE being tagged!)

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